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i. Background Information.
The original Constitution for MCRA Ltd was revised in 1998 and 2001. The revision was conducted by the Board of Directors and approved by the AGM on both occasion respectively.

The current constitution reflects the current infrastructure and the mode of operation set for the company.

ii. Purpose.
The main purpose or object of the Constitution is to ensure that the company limited by guarantee is operated under the Corporation Law and regulations of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (AISC).
It is also to ensure its non-profit status and a strong community participation in all areas of the operation of the company.

iii. Amendments and Review.
Amendments and Review of the constitution is proposed by members and committees of the company to the Board of Directors. The Board makes a full review of the proposal which includes legal consultation if deemed necessary. If the amendments or reviews is approved by the Board, then the Secretary list the amendments or review as motions in the agenda of the AGM in the same financial year.


 i. Background Information.
The company structure is designed to be in accord with its constitution affirming the fact that the ultimate decision maker for the company are the financial  members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Board of Directors oversee the governing principle for its operation.

ii. Purpose.
The purpose of the structure is to ensure transparency, accountability and good governance.

iii. The Committee System.
The Committee System is utilize to facilitate a broader spectrum of involvement in the decision making process in the company. The Conveners Committee, Management and the Board of Directors are the main policy formulation body for the whole organization.


i. Volunteer Policy. (Handbook, p.14)
ii. Community Participation (Handbook. P.13)
iii. Strategic Plan 2010-1015 (Handbook, p.25)
iv. Conduct of Directors.
v. Conduct of Broadcasters.
vi. Complaint Policy. (Handbook, p.12. Code of Practice, Appendix 8)
vii. Sponsorship Policy. (Handbook, p.15. Code of Practice, Code 6)

What is Amrap?

The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) is a community radio initiative that distributes and promotes new Australian music to community radio stations nationwide. Amrap helps get new Australian music airplay, and supports community radio broadcasters to promote new Australian music on air and online. Amrap offers services for signed and unsigned Australian artists, major and independent record labels and all community radio stations around Australia.

Radio 2TripleO (Radio2ooo) is dedicated to the promotion of Australian music via giving airplay to local and home grown artist and their music. Thus, Radio 2ooo lived by the motto in regard to local artist and their music, “Give it, and we’ll play it”.